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We welcome all patients to our family and cosmetic practice. At the office of Doctor Gregory A. Bowman our highest priority is to provide our patients with the best dental care possible. He is exceptionally experience  with fearful patients. We offer complete family and cosmetic services with the latest advancements in the dental industry. You will find our office to be a low stress, comfortable environment. Dr. Bowman’ philosophy is that healthy teeth and gums are the foundation to a beautiful smile. Patients interested in improving their smile will benefit from a thorough evaluation and Dr. Bowman’s expertise and attention to detail. When it comes to dental needs you are in good hands with Dr. Bowman.


Dr. Bowman provides a multitude of services to assist in all your dental needs. After 30 years of experience he is able to offer a comprehensive dental experience. Dr. Bowman’s practice is tailored to one on one personalized care.


treatment is just a phone call away, our office is always accessible to patients in a dental emergency. Working with other colleagues Dr. Bowman often covers for other dentists. In addition it is a comfort to know that if Dr. Bowman is not available he will have other very respected, and trusted dentists standing by to cover for him, knowing that his patients are always taken care of.


is one of the fasted and most rewarding ways to enhance your smile. There are several products and services that can help you achieve that all important bright smile. We offer Sapphire light, custom bleaching trays, and Opalescence Go bleaching system, depending on budget and convenance.


Cleanings and dental hygiene is not only for the health of your teeth and gums. Good dental care helps protect your whole body. We recommend a cleaning and comprehensive exam at least twice a year. Prevention and regular cleanings are important in helping maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Amazing results can be achieve with well colored bonding.


Porcelain Veneers are extremely thin sheets of medical-grade ceramic that fit over your existing teeth. Dental veneers can instantly brighten, straighten and perfect your smile.


Porcelain CEREC Crowns are an exciting new developments in dentistry. Modern technology allows us to mill and produce the crown with amazing accuracy and speed. Thanks to the CEREC crown technology you no longer have to wait two to three weeks, its all done in one visit, the same day. CEREC Crowns are metal free and are tooth matched colored to your natural teeth. They are made of extremely durable ceramics which are very similar to the actual structure of your tooth.


Dr. Bowman has the ability to digitally scan your teeth helping speed up the dental bridge fabrication process.


Dental Implants have changed the way dentists can restore your smile. They are the closest you can get to healthy natural teeth. Dr. Bowman is well trained and experienced in dental implant surgery. He has done extensive training in both implants and bone grafting. Dental implant surgery is one of the safest and most predictable procedures in dentistry.


We make custom fitted mouth used for a multitude of reasons, sports, night guards, grinding and clenching. Protect your smile with a custom fitted mouth guard.

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